Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun day at Gowri's :)

Gowri picked me up today after work and took me to her place. We hung around and did a whole bunch of stuff. Everytime I go to Gowri's, she keeps stuffing me with food. In the midst of food, we were playing with Ginobili, taking goofy pics with Gowri's camera booth in her MAC, etc. We were 'You-Tubing' for a while and looked at videos by 'Caught in the Act' (Gowri's favorite band back when she was a little one in switzerland), 'Boyzone' (my favorite band till I was well into my teens) and a whole bunch of random stuff from 'Family Guy' clips to 'South Park' clips to my favorite 'Ms. Swan from Mad tv'. Before dropping me home, we stopped at Mickey Dees for some flurry/ice-cream/sundae but they stopped the ice-cream machine 10 minutes before we went there so we had to settle for those yogurt parfaits. It was still tasty though--you know how these fast-food restaurants do, even the healthy stuff tastes so unhealthy a.k.a good! It was fun chit-chatting about what has happened, what is happening and whats going to happen. Girl, I take inspiration, motivation and determination from you. I hope I can stick to my determination. Everyone's been telling me that the job hunt takes a while, so I am trying to be patient, but sometimes I get a little restless. Okay, bedtime for me now...ttyl.

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