Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And just like that*...

...I came back from Mickey Dees with Gowri at 1:30am having witnessed a very uncalled for situation/drama. So as we were feasting on our caramel sundaes with nuts (lurve) and discussing jobs shmobs, this argument between a middle-aged white lady and a freshman-aged indianish boy caught our attention. So it happened that the boy did a 'finger hand-gun' gesture at the lady who was making an order at the window of the drive through. That's some vision...so she came around, parked her car and walked into McDonalds and yelled the shi* out of this kid and even pushed him. She even made a call to the cops. The boy kept circling inside McDonalds going from table to table looking at all the people and everyone there was on his side. We had to leave because first of all we shouldn't be out this late and secondly we are cat like girls. 2 seconds and the cops were there already and started searching the boy. Poor thing. I mean he shouldn't have done the finger gun, that was just wrong, but this lady was so violent. She's probably one of those people who are so unhappy with their lives that they find little things like these to take their frustrations out on.
*The 'and just like that' title for this blog was inadvertently borrowed from Sex and the City...I've always wanted to use it!*

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