Saturday, March 22, 2008

"You jump, I jump"

Yesterday: Watched Clueless (Tbs), Perfect Man, Titanic (TNT)
Today: Watched Clueless (Tbs), Perfect Man, Titanic (TNT)

Titanic tears me up every time. I am so emo---I cry for every little thing.

Yes, I know my life is very exciting. Well, they're showing '13 going on 30' on FX so thats something new. I have had this weird stomachace for 4 days now. I don't know whats the cause. I have been lazing on my bed every now and then in between writing my paper. I just made some ginger tea because Robbie was telling me over the phone how ginger helps with indigestion. Sweetheart! I am so sick already of waiting for spring. When is spring going to be here? Nuff of cold, cold and cold. Although I must admit, its much better sleep when it's cold outside. As soon it starts to warm up, nightime turns to torturetime.

I made this arabic dessert today---basboosa. It's like this cake kind of thingmajig made of semolina, coconut, butter, sugar. You bake it and then pour a lemony-sugar syrup on top of it and wait for it to soak it. Turned out pretty alright. But I can't eat because of the stomach roar. Oh, another sad tidbit---I am allergic to mushrooms but I LOVE mushrooms. Such a sad revelation.

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