Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Way too much goin on...

and what I mean by that is----I am:
Couple of days away from Bill's paper submission
20 days away from capstone project submission
28 days away from MOMMY coming!
A month away from capstone defense
A month and two weeks away from commencement!

Yup...thats exactly what I mean. Out of all the things mentioned above, I am most excited about mommy making the big trip to Buffalo for graduation. I can't wait to go sightseeing, shopping, eating, etc. with her. She's the coolest person to hang out with.
Anyways, speaking of now---just got back from school. Okay, major revelation. I detest rain more than anything else.. Snow is soo much better. I was waiting for the shuttle forever! Got so drenched and having just gotten off of antibiotics, I am so scared I am going to get sick again. Oh got Mahrin's engagement invitation in the mail today. *tear*...mad people get engaged, married, babies, etc. I am feeling so weird...like the only one (of course gowri you are there to keep me company in the unmarried zone). And then there's parental pressure, societal pressure, etc. It feels so weird. Anyways, gonna take a nap now. Peace@