Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me and drawing...

Did I ever mention that I used to be an ardent drawer/painter/crafty person? Yeah ever since my five fingers could draw...I drew everything from trees, to shoes to everything--- up until a nasty thing called college came in between. I mean every time I go back home, I paint up a mean fort, a forest or something with oil paints that look all complicated (mom chooses what to paint---something that would look nice enough to put up in the living room). But as a person, I love making floral designs. Those really intricate ones...I am not that good at it but its like an outlet for me. To release all kinds of pent up emotions in me...Gowri knows how much I love to doodle in class, we both do it quite a lot. Well, used to---now that we don't have any sit-down classes anymore, no more doodling. So anyways, back in the doodling days, I always chose to draw complicated flowers, designs, etc. instead of doodles. Love that word---doodle. And today at work when I was doing something simple like striking an old address off an inter-agency envelopes, just the very feeling of the wet marker against the surface of the envelope revoked that 'artist's' desire in me again. Thing is, I don't have any painting or drawing equipment here with me. But for starters, I could always do some drawings at the back of some notebook with a semi-satisfying ball point pen or maybe even with one of those bic or papermate pens.
Among other things, I have been feeling a little ill lately. Dizzy, vertigo, dizzy, etc. I am one of those people who stress way too much and can't stop stressing. And the thing is, I usually don't show it so people don't know that I am stressed. I am so stressed that I have to (can't believe I am doing this in public space), wear a night guard at night to stop from gritting my teeth. Yes, I grit my teeth at night and the orthodontist said that it was nothing but stress. So to stop me from grinding my teeth away, the nice doctor took an impression of my lower jaw and gave it to me. I don't always remember to wear it but I try to remember once in a while. So annoying to sleep with devices in your mouth...thought I was done with all that like a while ago.
My cycle is running a little longer than usual this time and maybe that's why I am not feeling good. A little laying down will do me some good now...
Oh Oh Oh...got amazing response from the recruitment email and although my sample size is 10, I got responses from like 30 people...Isn't that awesome? I did my first interview today with a nice gentleman from the Chem Engg dept. What a nice fella. Gave me all his time, no questions asked. Such nice people in this world...good feeling.
Okay lay down time

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