Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some rice, chicken and dal

Yeah I am much better now. Almost 100% better. Thank you God! I have finished organizing all the information for my paper. The 20 page one. Now I just have to make it all flow together and make it sound cohesive. Its such a great feeling---being well and able. Maybe I was taking good health a little too much for granted, I don't know...anyways, really grateful to God for getting me through this. It's nice and sunny outside. It has been nice for the last few days and although that means good times outside the house, means feeling hot inside the house. Last night for instance, I turned the AC on but it was giving out hot air. Probably because the heater was on not too long ago. Or maybe because the complex people haven't turned on the AC's yet...yeah they have weird controlling system. So I didn't sleep that well last night as a result. I am very sleepy now...very. Hmmm...what to do? Maybe a little bitty nap won't hurt. I am still on antibiotics until tomorrow so maybe that's another reason why I am feeling fatigued.

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atanu said...

ready for the big day ;>