Friday, March 14, 2008

A very sick week...

This week (and still going on) has been a very painful one. Remember how I thought it was strept throat...well it wasn't. I went to the doctor again 2 days ago and this is what she said. I got some sort of a throat infection whose symptoms are mimicking those of mononucleosis and the doctor gave me medication for the same. I have never had this before and let me tell you, this hurts a lot. More than strept throat, flu, etc. I am 40% better today. It is a relief. Anyways, could have been much worse and Thank God I am on the way to recovery already.
I miss mom and dad and how they look after me when I am sick. They know it all without me even saying a word. But this time, it was Atanu who posed to be my mom, dad and more. He was my go to person. My on-call man with no hesitations. Thank you so much students can be busy and you never let that get in the way. I have only one person to thank for my recovery and thats you. You are the sweetest friend who knows no boundaries and has the highest level of empathy I have ever seen. And listen Atu, don't ever say that you don't know anything about relationships , you know more than a lot of'd be amazed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank are an angel in disguise, prayer to demise and a man very wise. Thank you.
Now, lets root for the the other 60% recovery.
Of course Gowri, my parents, etc. thanks for your love and concern....:)

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