Saturday, March 29, 2008


Finished with paper. Now, the worst part: Waiting for evaluation. Hope he is kind and nice to all of us. Now capstone seriousness begins! Wow---theres like 2 weeks remaining and so much to be done. Wowee...
Last night was spent doing what I like most...staying indoors, watching tv and eating warm food. Mmmm...I was watching a bit of Transporter 2. Whats up with that guy only playing those kind of rushy rushy, flashy car driving, adrenaline pumped roles? I would like to see him do a romantic comedy---that would be interesting. I had made some kababs or kebobs, however you spell it on Thursday and they turned out pretty good. I made them with ground chicken. I know I know not too crazy about ground chicken but if you spike it with tons and tons of spices like fresh garlic, fresh ginger, fresh parsley and coriander, jalapenos, spices, etc. it turns out pretty good. And then I also made a yogurt dressing for dipping. Its very similar to tzatziki sauce, except we call it raita and we add cumin powder, coriander leaves to the mix along with the garlic and lemon juice. Okay nuff of food discussion. I have some major spring cleaning to do around the house ! Time to get working =)

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