Friday, February 29, 2008

Being autonomous... great if one knows how to be autonomous and not fear it. I suck at it royally. I fear loneliness more than darkness, insects, bad odor and clowns. Look at this little fairy like creature, look at the expression on her face. So sure of doing what she's doing. So content, so free, so self-governing. Beautiful. I must say that I am learning to become more independent than before. Today I woke up from a rather unrestful night. Its that time of the month and I am one of those few people who don't PMS...I just suck the pain in and lay in my bed thinking about my mom, sister and all my loved ones. Last night for instance I was thinking about that swing I used to sit on in my maternal grandma's house... garden actually. I still remember that day when I sat on that swing when I was about 7 or 8 and thought very seriously that one day everyone staying in this house as a unit will go to different places and this house will become a ghost house, but right after thinking that thought, I shook my head and thought what a dork I was for thinking like that and that it would take a really long time for things to disintegrate. Well time flew by in an instant and everyone is in different places. Okay that was a totally random thought from the past.
I made a turkey sandwich for brunch with some horseradish cheddar cheese (I know, very exotic) and toasted it in the oven for sometime till the cheese got all gooey. This cheese is so reminiscent of wasabi. Gives you that beautiful sinus burning sensation. I worked from 12-2 and then headed to the Student Response Center to confirm a few things about graduation/commencement and the lady tells me that I didn't hand in my degree conferall aplication. Hello! I totally submitted it a month ago. I am so going to sue them if they say they don't have it. I even have Isabella as my witness because we both submitted it together to this brunette lady who took it giving the all-american reply of assurance 'you're all set'. Well, I don't think I am set if some Debbie lost my paperwork while having her Campbells tomato soup. Jeez. Totally have to figure this out on Monday---no sleep till then.
Okay---now I shall indulge in some sweet afternoon nap. Weather outside is brash. I miss maa a lot these days.

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