Monday, February 4, 2008

Deadlines, moody weather and lipids...

The three things making my otherwise pleasant life rather unpleasant.
Theres more to that list but those are the more eminent ones.
Today we had the fun Chinese (Lunar) New Years Party from work at Golden Duck.
Oh my god! It was a great buffet. Loved the shrimp and scallops. They were batter-fried and placed in this citrusy-creamy sauce with walnuts. Delish. Not very Chinese tasting though. I also liked the tofu dumplings. I am not big on Tofu but this was fried and tasted almost like seafood. The dessert was really innovative---almond jelly. Hmm...wasn't too crazy about that.
Had some great dinner conversation with Katie (whom I don't get to talk to too often), Joanna, Isabella, etc. Good times.
Now working on some school stuff. Capstone is getting me a little stressed. Actually little is an understatement.
Okay time to work :)

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