Friday, February 1, 2008

Skeletons in the closet...

Very, very random thought racing through my mind.
I think everyone should spend a good amount of their life to discover them self thoroughly. And once they have completely discovered themselves, well okay there are exceptions of those who don't quite attain 'complete' self-discovery (I could mildly fit into that category but not like I become a new person everyday!), they should then consider themselves fit to make relationships. Be it friends, lovers, etc. This way the person on the other end is not taken on a joyride (not) for as long as they know that person.

A dear girl friend had a slight dispute with her significant other. Although she tells me its dispute, the bawling and angry words don't quite tell me so. She recently found out that her boyfriend of 5 years was smoking cigarettes, gambling and doing a whole lot of other things that can't be considered favorable by conventional societal standards. He obviously hid all this from her. Other than that, he was the model boyfriend. Never eying other girls, always on top of his work (very liked by all at his work place) and also maintained some great ethics. That's when I started pondering over this whole 'self-discovery' thing. So this guy is a healthy (not healthy really but anyways,) mixture of good and evil. He probably dabbles in substance abuse to keep his sanity(?). Then why would he want to hide this side of him? My girl friend is a pretty broad-minded girl and has a few loopholes herself. So wouldn't it be okay for her to know this 'other' side of her boyfriend? Well, right now they are on their umpteenth break and with the way things are going, doesn't look like a sunny tomorrow to me.
My request would then be that all guys (in relationships especially) shouldn't hide things in fear of losing their loved ones. Once those secrets surface, things get more uglier than they would have originally perceived them to be.
To my dear girl friend, please don't feel abandoned. There are others out there who have spent eons with their partners and even die without knowing many, many secrets about their significant other. I bet there are girls who do the same but studies do show that men tend to hide much, much, much...much more than women do. I think we women need to become more chummy with men and tell them that we wouldn't go totally beserk if we found a a nude picture of Paris Hilton under their pillows as long as it isn't Paris Hilton herself :)...

maybe its because we girls don't drink beer. lol.

Okay enough babble, now gym time. My beautiful, stone-washed express jeans are getting a tad too tight---

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