Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Vow...

I have made a vow to stop writing uber-metaphorical stuff in here due to the fact that it truly doesn't make any sense to anyone other than me. And I also had a self-realization sort of thing about reading blogs...I like reading about real things like what people are doing as opposed to metaphorical rant (I'm one to tell lol). So, this past week has been sort of a mush of a lot of things. My dear friend Tilova has been staying with me since last week. She will be moving to NYC for good as she got a job there. So happy for her. I can't even imagine moving from here any time soon...I feel like my body belongs to this place. Okay that didn't even make sense. As much as I don't like Buffalo, I am very attached to this place because of this whole familiarity-with-the-place thing. In other news, my capstone is progressing at the speed rate of a sea turtle...slower maybe. Trying to pull through that. Maa might be coming for graduation so I am totally psyched about that. *Fingers crossed* During undergrad commencement, none of the home folks were able to make it which made me miss my commencement because I really didn't see any reason to go. Yes, I am a loser. I did wear the gown for like a hot second and took some pictures but missed the walk. L-oser Me. So, a lot of people are getting sick and I am sensing I am going to be soon on the bandwagon. I just made some asparagus and brussels sprouts with garlic, olive oil and soy sauce. Good stuff. I need to buy more veggies because my skin and hair has not been behaving lately. Oh so tomorrow is International Fiesta, this big cultural event at UB. Wow, this is like the 6th fiesta since I came to UB, dang. So I volunteered to help serve food tomorrow during the dinner part of the event for BSA (Bangladeshi Student Association). Can't be too bothered to attend the show or the after-party...I know there's a mob of angry people because of that but just don't feel like it. Sorry. Hope you all have a fabulous time though! I am not really the going out type of person but if it is someone real close to me and they really want me to go, I go for a bit. But my scene is mind-numbingly boring. I'd rather be home, either cooking or watching some sitcom while munching some buttery carbs or creamy dessert with the heater turned on of course. Okay---got to get ready for work.

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