Saturday, February 2, 2008

Leaky day!

Big, big leak in my ceiling! Couldn't sleep at all last night, so, so, so tired.

Okay those were the big headlines.
So yesterday, I was all cozy in my apartment, watching Ugly Betty, eating sweet potatoes and curled up under my duvets. Right when it struck 12 midnight and I was all ready to go to bed, people upstairs started partying like crazy. Being obnoxiously loud, thumping, jumping, yelling, screaming, etc. and I was trying my best to block out all the sound and go to sleep. Didn't work. So, finally, at about 6am I went to sleep...then at 7am I hear 'pitter-patter' sounds. What could it be? A ginormous leak in my ceiling. I was seriously perturbed. I took all my pots and pans out and laid them on the floor below the leaks. The leak kept spreading I was getting a panic attack.
Atanu came at noon and we went to Lowes and then Wal-Mart to get some pails and stuff. Spent like $20 there. What would I have done without Atu? Thanks're an angel.
We then pigged out at Taco Bell and then came to my apt to check out the leak.
Everything pretty alright up to now but you ever know. We then went to the gym for a bit to get all that stress out. Now, I am in my room---it's cold in here because all the insulation is messed up. The cause of the leak by the way was because the roof of my side of the building blew off during the wind storm. What flimsy fittings...eww. and staying here costs a fortune! Go figure.

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