Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and other stories...

Hello one and all! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!I am sure all those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving are stuffed upto their necks with amazing food! I had two dinners yesterday. The first one was at Julie's aunt's place in south buffalo (tier of south buffalo actually) where it was sooo snowed in compared to erie county (where I live). The drive was wonderful. It was as if we were entering winter wonderland. As we drove further into holland, the name of the town, everything started looking so quaint and small town like. It was beautiful. We arrived 40+ minutes later to a house full of Julie's wonderful relatives including her mom and two brothers and many more. The dinner was splendid. From beautiful carved turkey to home-grown mashed potatoes and home-grown acorn squash. It was delicious and we had a great dinner-table-discussion about several things. The dessert was amazing as well especially the candy apple pie, the one I can't absolutely get over. I also found a link with a similar recipe. Dobble whammy yummy! Seriously! The drive was beautiful as well...Julie showed me more of East Aurora (where the famous fisher price headquarters is). What a quaint little town. Beautiful with the snow lacing everything kind of like a white wedding dress adorned with string pearls. We hoped to grab some coffee somewhere together but everything was closed (duh its thanksgiving). Julie dropped me home and I heated up the mashed potatoes I made to take to Gowri's casa for dinner no. deux.

Peoples, not to sound narcissistic, I made some mean mashed potatoes. I added meanies like generous helpings of butter and heavy cream along with salt, pepper, garlic powder. Yummylicious! Gowri's brother made a beautiful turkey breast and auntie made some beautiful sides such as cut beans, glazed carrots, etc. After devouring yet another meal, I got the itis (itis means being full). We then lazed about on the couch and watched family guy clips and whatnot. Fun evening overall! My day was cast with a shadow of sadness due to the unrest in Mumbai. Oh and another sad story today, a wal-mart employee got killed today in stampede at a wal-mart store due to the overeager crowd for the black friday sale. Just amazingly annoyingly devastating. I never did the Black Friday thing and I don't think I ever will. And the freaking media needs to stop driving people nuts with huuge doorbuster sales at so and so place. Obviously theres a huge number of ppl who wait for this one day to do one years (or more) worth of shopping. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about this anymore. Just hope that this world stops using bombs and guns soon and also becomes less materialistic. Nuff said, time for the 40 winks. Night.

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Hey girl~

I would totally recommend the L'egere set with the bb cream and the powder! Kimberly Tia got that set and it look so great! :]