Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ring ting tingling..

Things I love to do:
~Browse at the seasonal holiday decorations in a mega-mart. Absolute therapy! Some of these christmas ornaments (in Walmart that I saw today) are just too delicious looking! and they're only $2 a pop. Nice present idea eh.
~ Looking forward to a fridge full of good food after waking up in the morning. Dork.
~ Watching snow fall from my window.
~ Staying up till wee hours of the night to make sure I catch the episode of family guy on adult swim (2:30am to be precise, hey I love my family guy!)
~ Putting makeup on and trying out different techniques and methods. Today I tried something my sweeties nora and tilova donned during mahrin's wedding, wearing teal liner in the waterline (or outside the waterline). I don't have teal eyeliner at the mo so I just went with teal eyeshadow. It looks pretty neat.
~ Doing exercises with free weights in front of the tv watching 70s show.
~ Using dishwasher soap for cleaning kitchen counters. and other stuff. its a miracle liquid.
~ Making lists like these. :)

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