Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here Atanu :), a rather shabby picture of the quasi-meatloaf I made today! It didn't turn out too bad. I threw all the grease that kinda pooled up on top.
In other news,
Lately, I haven't had the 2 most important things in life:
1) Steady, continuous internet.
2) Clear, painful-pimples-free skin.

So my skin kinda went bonkers. Mainly my forehead and chin, my cheeks are safe so far. These pimples popping up are red and painful. I don't know if its because I am using the wrong acne medication or what. I just hope it goes away soon. I have been staying at home mostly, not going anywhere, because even with the thickest concealer (viz. MAC Studio Finish Concealer) you can still see them and you know when you reach that point when people are talking to your pimples and not you. Yeah---I am there. Anyways, I try not to be whinny about these things but hey I've been dealing with the skin issues since this past summer and also, 25 is not an age to deal with pimples...16 is! What else is new? I brought a truckload of groceries today. Groceries make me happy. I bought whole wheat flour tortillas, 4-cheese mix, pecans (to make pralines to add to my ice-cream), fabric softner sheets (because theres enormous static everywhere in my apartment), and of course cotton balls. I can't live without cotton balls. Just saw the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and now am nauseated at my own body. Man these girls are made of something else. Their bodies remind me of a tan surf boards. My favorite is Miranda Kerr. Her face is like an angel and those dimples are priceless. Okay, I am gonna go lay down.

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Lost-in-thought said...

Ahh.. We seem to be having two of the same problems...

1. Pimples (forrrrhead arrggg)
2. Internet connection problems.

Good to know I'm not alone :)

Take care .. !!