Sunday, November 9, 2008

mahrin and tawheeds wedding

Oh my god I had the most wonderful weekend ever! Attended Mahrin's gaye holud (pre-wedding celebration) and her wedding! Everything was just perfect. It was well-planned, well-executed just well overall! I never attended a wedding here in the united states before this one. Thank you so much Mahrin for inviting me and making me a part of this joyous occassion. Okay, I am trying not to start another toast or speech here lol. Mahrin looked absolutely gorgeous---the makeup was perfect, the hair was perfect, the dress was perfect and I can just go on. Us girls were in tears when she entered the hall underneath a red veil being held by the cute bridesmaids. So beautiful! I am posting a picture of the gorgeous couple here for you all to see. This girl is a gem and not to mention the wonderful man she is married to. Tawheed is such a nice guy and has the cutest smile ever! He looked spiffy in his white suit and traditional turban. *sigh* May god bless the two lovebirds!

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