Friday, April 25, 2008


So yesterday was a blur. A quick-paced, somewhat horrendous blur.
I went to JFK to pick up my mom from new york. I didn't sleep the entire night thinking about how she was enduring a 14 hour non-stop flight. I was so disturbed thinking what if she is feeling claustrophobic, suffocated and restless? All these thoughts kept gushing through my mind and I didn't sleep at all. Soon it was 6am and I was up. I build myself a salad with lots of fix-ins and packed it up so I wouldn't have to eat airport food. I was all ready to call the airport taxi when mister angel in disguise, atanu calls me asking if I was ready.Although it was set that he would take me, I couldn't bring myself to call him that early when I knew he was watching the game and doing stuff till late that night. Anyways, soon we were off to the airport with half-open eyes and morning faces. Sightly. I boarded a flight with senior people who all seemed in a bad mood. Part of the reason also could be due to the malfunctioning directv. Yup, no tv on this flight---something that has traditionally set JetBlue apart from other airlines. Soon I was in JFK---the airport that is like a chaos network. I scooted to terminal 4, a terminal I am not too fond of. I waited for an hour to no avail. I made several phone calls, all worreid if immigration was giving mom a hard time. After an hour and 5 minutes, a beautiful face appears from behind the gates. It's mommy and she looks perfect, mashaallah. Not tired or confused. They lost her baggages and thats what had caused the excruciating delay. So what did she want to do? Grab a cuppa joe and a light bite somewhere. We walked around the food court of terminal 4 and settled on a tuna sandwich and OJ from au bon pain. My mom's so precious, she wanted to stroll around terminal 4 and look at stores. I somehow pulled her out and we went to terminal 5,6 to catch our flight to Buffalo. Bless the jetblue guy who confirmed our standby tickets and gave us seats next to each other. Now the horrendous part--we were aboard a rather tiny jet blue plane, something they call a embraer 190. Wow, okay it has two rows with only two sets of seats on either side. And to top it all, we were on the last seats of the plane. This was probably one of the most bumpiest rides I have ever ridden. Wow. Well, at least we were on the flight that we were not supposed to be on and came in to buffalo earlier than expected so all that said and done we were happy.


Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

ahem....missing in action , here...I need to know whats good in your life.

Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

nothing in this world remains simple, the way we like. It has a wierd way of turning more complicated than one would actually like it.

Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

;> for your ears and your ears only ;)