Sunday, April 20, 2008

We learn new things everyday...

Yesterday, Saturday, started off slow. I was feeling (and still am) a little down about the whole job-student-status thing. I went to the gym at about 4pm and then came back at 6:30pm. I walked there and back because it was so pretty outside...a little too hot I might add. I came back and showered and everything. Then I called Delisa, who is back in buffalo for capstone presentation. She thought meeting up would be good. So, a bunch of us settled on a subtle girls night out. Before which, I met up with another lovely, Mahrin and her fiancee Tawheed at Starbucks. It was awesome to catch up with the lovebirds who are due to get engaged in June. *Bless the happy couple*. So, after that Delisa came to pick me up along with a whole posse. Sophia, Julia, Shalaiwah, Francesca, Delisa and I squeezed in her Yaris and off we were to the Steer. Luckily, no one was feeling it along with me so we headed to Fran's place in South Lake. Soon to be shooed away by her roomie who complained about the noise. We then moved to Shalaiwah's single in South Lake as well. Okay, so last night was like major revelation night for me.
These girlies went on and on about how naaiive I am and how guys think and all that. What it means to text a guy after 12 am, what it means if a guy says he wants to be your 'friend' and whole bunch of other stuff that the local encyclopedia doesn't contain. I was very amazed. I used to think calling a guy past midnight, could be just to hang hang out. PG-13 style. But I guess I am in America where everyone thinks much differently than me the old-school-dumbo! I am like the WORST person in understanding guys or even girls sometimes lol. I don't think that twisted and complicated. Anyways, the night was a lot of fun. The pic was taken on Main Street where this guy was busy singing. Funny.

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Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

This chobi looks like its been taken in a tropical country...:)