Saturday, April 19, 2008

Us Women,
We suck.

Well, I am sure not all women suck, but most suck because we always got our panties in a bunch about every little thing. Always thinking too much, worrying too much and everything too much.
I know that I have to work really, really hard to learn to become emotionally independent.
I am emotionally bent on my family, friends and peers a little too much. I need to let go, like Gowri told me (I love you for being there for me.) I need to realize that I can do things without anyone by my side. Last night, I was feeling so lonely and ready to pack my bags and leave this country. Nothing here for me. I am not enthused about job hunting or anything. Gowri, I hope I follow through your advice and decide to do serious job searching and stick around here.
Okay will lay down for sometime, just got back from the gym. Gosh its hot and I don't like it at all. I came from Oman over here for a reason lol. Not that I love snow but a little bit of lower temperature is usually favorable for feeling comfy.
A last note, non-responsiveness, poor communication, poor reciprocation, poor skills of consoling people, poor empathetic skills are not attractive things. Thank you.

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