Monday, April 21, 2008

Capstone presentations: Day 1

No I wasn't presenting today...I wouldn't be in sweats otherwise lol. I stopped by real quick at the capstone presentations today to cheer for my girlies. Julie and Delisa looked super cute so I had to take a picture with them although I was in workout gear (like every time). Presentations were pretty good. I mean some I like more than others in terms of quality, validity and future prospects of the project. I had to leave half way for work. After work, went to the gym for a quick bit. Ah, and to mess it all up I ate so much right now. I will always be a tubby.

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Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

hi girly. sorry my phone just died on me, and it takes a while to recharge. :< i hate my phone alittle bit right now..