Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing times...

There was a time long ago...well actually just 7 years ago when I used to think very differently about many things. Here they are in no particular order:
-I used to think the uber-american idiom 'I need my space' was so over-rated. I used to wonder why would anyone (people in all kinds of relationships) need space. They should just need each other every moment. Well I was wrong and I realized with the various experiences in my life, time and of course age.
-I used to ponder why people would eat sun-dried tomato pesto on organic rye crackers when they could just eat regular tomatoes Why people would eat soy bars with soy milk instead of regular cereal with milk? We-ell, yesterday me bought me some soyjoy bars because I love them so much and of course totally understand the sun-dried tomato thing. Have gotten sucked into the culture of ultra-sophisticated pretentious sounding food. Hey, they taste good.
-I used to wonder why men and women have such different thinking and acting mechanisms. That hasn't changed however, I still don't know whats going in each of the gender's heads.

Many people would resent and question why I felt the way I did. Well, to each her own. But the reason I have had marked changes in my ideologies is because I changed countries. I used to live in the Eastern Hemisphere and now I live in the Western Hemisphere. Over here people eat a lot of cheese and use toilet paper when they cry.

Anyways, right now I am watching Ugly Betty, totally catching up on the missed episodes while munching on cherries. I just gave myself a pedi a minute ago with a foot bath and all.


Cancer'n'thy'blood said...
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Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

This is a changing time,
A lot of things in life will not rhyme,
We simply have to embrace it,
Pretending; like a hypocrite,
The smile has to be kept,
Otherwise we will be swept,
By the tides of a changing time.