Thursday, May 15, 2008

T00t T00t...

You know how a school campus becomes at the end of the school year? Like a ghost-town. And the ever-changing weather with frequent bouts of cloudy skies doesn't help either. I am working in the Admissions Office till the end of May, which is just around the corner. I walk to school (work) and back every day with decreasing enthusiasm. The fact that I come home to mommy is like a whiff of fresh, fragrant air. She has cooked many of my favorite things these past few days that she has been here...nothing lavish. A simple curry chicken, curry beef, rice, hand-made bread, etc. Gosh I will miss her. I get along very well with her (knock on wood) and that's why it is so hard for me to see her leave in a few days. We are leaving for new york city tomorrow afternoon by train. Wow, haven't been on a train in a while. Seems like an adventure---my life's very un-adventurous so an 8-hour train ride seems pretty exciting.
By the way, the amount of weight I have put on since mommy's come is ghastly. We've been eating so much but then again I am one of those people who like to eat copious amounts of food when I am tres comfortable. However, all those big bites are settling down very comfortably on my, ahem, hips. Okay, got to wake up tomorrow and be all fresh for the train ride.
-Gotta stop eating these ritz crackers.

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