Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May God Rest All the Souls in Peace

Bloggy woggy,
Pardon the sudden disappearance. So much has happened over the last week and putting it all here is just not possible.
May 9th was Commencement and while the weather held up very nicely that day, some other things didn't. My favorite aunt, baby khala, passed away. Still seems surreal to me and still seems like she is still alive. I try not to think about it but its hard. Even at work, I am overcome by this sudden freeze and I can't work anymore. She is the reason I am in this world today. Here's a secret, when my mom conceived, a lot of people didn't want another baby yet. She was the one who told my mom to keep me. And I didn't ever get to thank her properly. The cons of staying outside of the motherland.
The rest of the days since then have been very hard. Maa and I stay awake till wee hours in the morning, unable to sleep, think or rest. Hope the Almighty will pull us through this.

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