Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sleepy all the time...

...why? Because so much has happened in so little time.
Went to New York, Mommy left, came back from New York all in a flash.
Every corner of my apartment reminds me of her now. How she used to wait for me everyday after work with cooked meals. How she used to clean the kitchen spankin clean. How she used to lay out all her magazines and other reads besides the bed. How she used to watch the Travel Channel non-stop. Okay, let me stop before I get too emotional.
Back to the same old. Work, sleep, food, tv--not necessarily in that order but those things are what are predominant in my life. I did have a swell time in new york and must say rosy auntie is awesome. She took us around and showed us a really good time. Okay thats all for now, gotta take a shower. Have this hair mask treatment on thats getting dry...

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