Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekends shmweekends...

Missed a whole day in between.
Okay so Saturday a bunch of things happened. Was sick all day but still managed to go to two different events. First was a eid/diwali celebration dinner which was organized by the Malaysian student Association. Braynard from work invited all of us (at work) and the sweet boy that he is we just had to go to support him and also take a bite out of Malaysia. The food was really exotic and something I never tried before. Coconut rice, anchovies in sauce, etc. etc. It was all delicious. After that, came home and got into my Halloween gear (courtesy of my lovely rommate angela.).
Then Gowri came over and then we headed to Brads. He had decorated his house real nice, had a lot of good appetizers, dips, chips and candies everywhere and also had a fog machine. I had my asthmatic situation all throughout the time but managed to keep a straight face and enjoy because he truly did a great job with the party. Came back at 2ish and then just watched TV (cos i couldn't go to sleep due to the constant coughing.)
Woke up today at 11am, baked a cake (from a box of course, didn't have time for 'from scratch' stuff today) and then headed to the BSA social. It was a ton of fun, Jen (BSA President) did a real nice job along with the rest of the eboard. Had some delicious biryani and some dessert. Then we played some mafia...ton of fun. Okay I guess you can tell that today I really don't feel like writing so yeah.

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