Friday, October 26, 2007

Rainy days and Fridays bring me down...

Work went by real fast today. I trekked to South Campus today in what can be described as the prelude to a nasty rain session. Grey, meek and sweatpants got soaked as they (like always), grazed the roads underneath my even dirtier sneakers. I deposited my paychecks and decided to get some chicken and shrimp fried rice at China King- the only chinese restaurant within walking distance on South Campus. There is another one called May Zen, but never dared to try it in the last 6 years. After inhaling the fried rice, I headed to Tops (grocery store) to pick a few vegetables. Picked some nice looking zucchini, brocolli and cilantro but what was nicer was the special that was put on the tray of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. $7.94 for a huge tray. Amazing.
Came back home, stashed everything in the refrig. and changed into some dry clothes. Yay for the great feeling of coming home and jumping onto your bed (in my case, mattress). Since then I have been watching movies on FX. I watched X-Men 2 from the middle and even cried a little when Jean died...ew I am such a birdie. Anyways, now I am watching the gorgeous Jennifer Connelly in Dark Waters. Never saw this one before. It's reminding me of all kinds of movies...from Ring to The Grudge...anything that involves blurry water and strands of dark hair is bound to reminisce of the Ring. I just downed a bowl of the chicken veggie stew I made earlier this week. My throat still feels like a dragon. Itchy, burning and plain annoying...I feel like having some Frosted flakes with cold, cold milke. Mmmm....Okay I have to catch up on 'Dark Water'. Hope I can sleep tonight...the pussy cat that I am.
Wonder how many people hit the theater today for Saw IV...ugh.
Oh I made this photo collage just to include some of the highlights of my day today...

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