Monday, October 29, 2007


Cough. Woke up. Cough. Made an appointment to go to Michael Hall again. Cough. So, so, sooo windy outside. Cough. Listened to my ipod on the bus to get my mind off the. Cough. Got examined by a nurse practitioner who didn't give anything effective (as of yet). Cough. Had some greasy, greasy food from Santoras (which I am supposed to not at this time. ). Cough. Did some Laundry (just my blankets and sheets really). Cough. Watched HEROES. I am so, so in love with Peter Petrelli now, but still love my dear Wentworth Miller more. Cough. Took a quiz for Database class, scored a 90. yay! Cough. Now will go lay at 90 degrees and try to sleep in that position as prescribed. Cough, cough, cough.
This is getting really, really bad.
I want to sleep like I always sleep and just go about my day. God, please make me well soon.

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