Thursday, October 25, 2007

A visit to the doc...

Yes that is a picture of the influenza virus a.k.a the 'flu' virus. Naughty, naughty thing.
I have been meaning to meet my adviser since forever and somehow things have been coming up that was not allowing me to do instead of postponing it this time around (for the umpteenth time), I decided to bundle up. Starting from a wife-beater to a sweater to a puffy down-filled jacket + scarf and boots, I was ready to go. I had a bowl of the strawberry-frosted mini wheats with cold milk. Yes, cold, in the midst of all the body aches that actually get accentuated by cold. A quick cup of mint green tea and I was out.
The meeting was short and I had mainly gone to ask a few questions about my capstone proposal. She did say that I didn't' need to come in the condition that I was in (am in?). After that I went to class and then left class early to go for my appointment at Michael Hall (which I made earlier today). After 20 minutes of waiting in the waiting area, I was called in.
"Your throat looks clean, your ears are good, no temperature...I don't think there's anything to worry about", said the nice doctor. Although relieved to hear that I demanded an explanation for the unsightly coughs, body aches, head aches, etc. "It's a viral thing that has been going around', she said. She prescribed some Mucinex for me and told me to take some Advil was well. The Advil hasn't done anything for me so just makes my stomach grumble sometimes. I remember my mom saying once how some people's stomach bleed when they take too much ibuprofen (active ingredient of Advil).
I made it to class- 15 minutes late, but did make it to class. Didn't want to miss the lab practical of Visual Basic. It did seem a lot easier than I'd thought. After class Gowri took me to her house where her sweet, sweet mom made me some rasam. Rasam is a concoction of bright and flavorful spices, salt, onion, garlic, tamarind and curry leaves in hot water. It soothed my throat so much. Bless that woman's soul. Gowri's parents are just so wonderful. So is she.
After that we hit the mall for a bit...Halloween shopping. More like Halloween window shopping. Upon entering the mall we headed for the food court. Arby's had the shortest queue so roast beef sandwiches it was. I ordered a side of jalapeno poppers with which they gave me a sauce that tasted nothing short of raspberry jam. Anyways, we then went about to couple of stores.
I'm home now...debating whether to have some tea. Okay me off now...

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