Sunday, May 24, 2009

The sinusitis attack-majiggy!

I hateeeeeee it when my sinuses flare up and there's that constant feeling of a strong sneeze coming on, coupled with burning nostrils! Argggh!!! This one nasal spray I am using gives me relief for a an hour at most. This is the one bad thing of Oman. It's so hot everywhere outside that if you are in an air conditioned room and then back outside in the heat one too many times, there are chances of having some kind of allergy/cold situation.

Anyways, so it seems like everyone is getting married or engaged this year. It's great! I just feel sad that I can't go to any of them and get to play make-up and dress-up. I just have to rely on good ol facebook for pictures :).

I just came back from a presentation that was given by a british visiting professor in text mining. It was mighty interesting and enlightening.

So I made Mung bean noodles (also known as cellophane noodles) for the first time last night. They are super easy to make and taste awesome!!! They look like plastic threads that can't be broken or bended or anything but after soaking them in a bath of hot water for 20 minutes, you can chop them into 3/4 inch pieces and then add them to some sauteed veggies and cook again. Delish!


-M.R.- said...

Nafisa I'm missing you! I will post some pictures of Tilo soon :)

The Mighty J said...

Aghh I hate my sinuses flaring up. I hope it gets better soon!

vanillasmush said...

Thank you everyone :)
M.R., I miss you a LOT!