Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yes, I do silly things at work. Don't you.
So here are updates:

-I started two different antibiotics for tonsillitis (yuck)
-I hate HATE hate being sick!
-There's these mega HUGE sales at all these stores and I can't go!
-Kuwait had 18 cases of swine flu from US soldiers, now that's sad.
-I had this Omani dessert 'Um Ali' (bread pudding-esque) for the first time at lunch yesterday and I bought some for home too :)
-I am going to dye my hair natural black because now my hair is doing that golden straw thing and I don't dig that look.
-Someone sweet calls me everyday and it keeps me going.

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Lost in thought said...

Sweet caller must have a name ...!! Spill please :P