Monday, May 18, 2009

P-p-poker face

No, I am lying, I have a very bad poker face. Anyways, I have been waist-deep in work. I like it so far. My peers have expressed positive feedback regarding my work. Its been 18 days and I have already worked on more than 8 case studies. Most of them are incomplete as more information is required in some areas.

I have gotten used to the idea of waking up at 6:45am everyday. For a person who was waking up at close to noon a a few months ago, this is actually very good. It has gotten very, very hot now. It's like someone with a fat pipe is blowing hot air into your face just for kicks. I better go to bed because its 12am already.

I have been eating this really 'you-can-tell-its-bad-for-you' croissant sandwich at work almost everyday. Its got some kind of meat in it and fries too. Its disgusting but I eat. Today was last day to eat that (have to promise myself).

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Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

There comes a time in every two people's lives where there friendship is put to the test and only a handful come out of it with flying colors. I refuse to bow down to the wrath and cruelty of the evil entity called "time". Our friendship has stood the test of time although it has more been a one-way street where you keep correspondence while I just stick to procrastinating. Like everything else, there will be a change to all that. The time has come where your inbox is going to block my emails and the voicemail on your phone will refuse to accept my messages. lol..alright, im done rambling about something. How are you daffy? I see you are going stron in keeping your blog updated. That is a very admirable quality and I don't think I could ever keep such discipline. Its good to see that your keeping out of trouble and doing good for yourself. And, the thing about waking up before 7! lol....see it as making up for waking up at 7 in the evening...hehe..BURN!! sorry, ami ektu hyper..:) amai akta surprise call diba the evenings..@ 7185541045..eita amar barir number for nevis :) i look forward to speaking to you daffy.miss you loads..byeee