Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Burn that finger

Lookit! I burnt my thumb while using my new straightener. It's Babyliss's PRO Ceramic Titanium straightener and boy does it get hot! Its for really, really coarse hair. It goes up to 450F but I only use it at 370F.

I am at work now.

Just came back from lunch at the Staff Club.
Twas gewd.
Now I am feeling lazy lol.


Cancer'n'thy'blood said...

u have a new straightener?! the other one was soo nice..i thoguht it was irreplaceable

vanillasmush said...

aww sweetie, you know it all dontcha. Well oman e ashar por, that didnt work here due to the beautiful difference in voltage. So had to get another one. Shei ager ta didn't get as hot. This was one is like akdom serious stuff. Tumi lekho na blog e tomar. Ki koro boshe boshe.