Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soft cheesy garlic buns

So this blog is turning more and more into a food blog. Well, I will definitely write updates about my life but I am a foodies, so all things food tend to dominate.
Okay..so I once attempted to make buns maybe 3 years ago. It turned out harder than hockey pucks and just was wrong wrong wrong.
However, since the last 3 years...my interest to delve into culinary escapades coupled with copious amounts of watching Food Network, has heightened my ability to cook. However, I seriously lack baking skills...its all about luck when it comes to baking for me. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. So yesterday, I stumbled upon this blog which had this recipe for pull-apart garlic bread. I was instantly attracted to how soft and buttery the buns looked. I followed the exact same recipe except I added a generous amount of grated mozarella cheese atop of mine along with a sprinkle of oregano and pepper and voila! I have buns! I took pics after everyone finished eating half of it. It looks like a big piece of bread but its actually little buns tightly placed next to each other. Seee....

The taste and texture reminded me a lot of Domino's cheesy bread (this picture can be found at Dan Bruno's photostream on Flickr!)

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