Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A fun tuesday :)

Yesterday mommy drove me to work. Yes, I don't have a license (yet) and my mommy and daddy drive me around...still. It's a shame and its a disgrace but trust me, I have this fear of being behind the wheel. I feel like I won't have control. I know those are petty excuses...I will get on the bandwagon soon. I won't say that I've never 'driven' before. I did drive Atanu's car one time from the a grocery alley parking lot (Wegmans)to the school gym (Alumni Arena). I did pretty well. Atanu was and I am sure still is one of those few people who will probably throw a grand pary the day I get my license! Let Ramadan pass, then I'll take my road test. So okay, I totally got sidetracked. Mommy drove me to work yesterday and I kinda finished early so after that we went to the mall where they have Marks and Spencer. I bought a whole bunch of goodies:

1) All Butter Shortbread cookies. See the ingredients

Moving on, a little packet of buttery macadamia nuts. I love these gems. I might save some to put in a cake I bake one of these days.

And then mommy was intrigued by this organic new zealand honey. It has natural looking bubbles at the brim. Organicy.

To end the spulrge, I got this pepper mill. We had one of those mcormick ones that I got from Buffalo but it wasn't refillable, hence this monster.

Total spulrge: $30 (12 Rials).

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