Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I bought a baby TV

So...I have been totally totally MIA. Oh I watched the entire memorial service for Michael Jackson. It was really well put together and most of the people who spoke said some touching things. My favorite performance of the night was 'Smile' by Jermain Jackson. That song and 'childhood' are like two of my favorite slow songs of MJ. Ah, what a loss. Anyways, I bought a TV last week. We already have two TVs in the house and I know its crazy that there is a 3rd one now but everyone is watching different channels all the time! So.Its a Sanyo 21 inches, 'Amazing Slim' TV. Its good for my room since my room is kinda small and I didn't want a huge obnoxious thing overlooking me as I sleep. Yes I have 'big-tv-in-room-so-can't-sleep' phobia. Go figure. Anyways, its a cute tv and doesnt occupy much space at all. I saw a movie on this channel two days ago, called Lonesome Jim, it was nice. Ummmm....so yeah, I have to work now :-/ Ttyl peeps.

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XINAR0X said...

NICE! A TV IN YOUR OWN ROOM! I always wanted one as a kid but my parents always said no to me lol Now...I just watch all the shows online without any commercials =p