Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello Hello

When life throws papers and research work at you, you make papereserachade?

Okay, not funny. I am losing 'funny' for some reason. Anyways, work has been good. I have been getting sunburnt though going to and coming back from work. Its so hot here, I can't say it enough. All the world's aloe juice, rose water and milk and yada can't beat the burn. I am currently using Neutrogena's dry touch sunblock in 55. If I put a full squirt on, I look purple. Like a duochrome purple lol. So I apply it sparingly to my face and then slather it on my hands and neck. I don't care for getting tan but of course I don't want to get any wrinkles! I see so many people at work not caring enough to apply sunscreen lotion! They say whats the point, would you believe it? what else has been happening? I have to start my 'toning' event soon. I have completely stopped doing all kinds of weight exercises, possibly thats why I gained some weight that I had lost 3 months ago! I am stripped off all energy once I come home. The sun tires you out if not anything else! I am thinking of buying a cross-trainer. Our home treadmill has reached its limit, its been 11 years now since we've had it! I need to get on this soon!!! If anyone has some really effective exercises they know (especially for lower body) do share! Ummm the pic is of me in the car with my mom, we just came back from a lunch at an aunt's place. It was nice :) I have a MAC haul post coming up soon, watch this space xoxoxoxox

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