Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Milli A Milli

I like that song although I don't know what it means
So..what's been going on? Went to a career fair yesterday with Gowri which was held downtown in the statler hotel. It was a complete waste of time. A whole bunch of not-heard-of companies laid out their tables and sat their with blank stares across their faces. Yeah, not very impressive. I mean some were nice but overall it wasn't great. I am just losing it...the hope, inspiration, aspiration, etc. This whole recessive economy thing couldn't have had happened at a better time (not). Although I am sure many would reconsider before putting something like not being able to find a job on their blogs, I am okay with it. There's no point in faking it and saying 'oh yeah the job hunt is going great'. Applying for jobs online, the paperless way, feels like tossing resumes into outerspace or an imaginary trash bin. Okay, enough of job-blabber. Moving on to more redundant things like the weather, okay, I am not a very big 'hot weather' person although I have lived half my life in Oman. Summer time here in Buffalo does not suit me very well..I get the frizzies, zits, oily skin...even an oil-free pressed powder gets oily on my skin. Oh did I tell you that I bought my first product from Lush...I love smells like a little exotic pantry in there. I got the coalface soap and its got Liquorice Root, Powdered Charcoal. You could check it out here Well, I am gonna go take a nap because there's nothing better to do now. Ciao

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