Friday, January 16, 2009

I got bit by a spider :(

So, um yeah, 2 days ago I was fast asleep and woke up with a hard itch on my hand at 7ish (went to bed 3ish)...kept scratching and immediately ruled it out as bed bug bite then noticed later that it was actually a spider. Jeez Louise!!! Why me and why a spider! This reminds me of the time when I was visiting Bangladesh and a (gasp) rat climbed on my face while I was sleeping! I kid you not! I, like many girls, and boys and old grown men am very afraid of bugs, rodents and creeps but to no avail---they somehow always find a way into my life! Anyways, after much benadryl application, benadryl consumption and eucalyptus oil slathering I am okay! Alive! It took 2 days to heal and I am still left with this wrinkly, raspberry colored spot but will do, that itch was to die for, literally! I could have amputated my hand it was that annoying! So yeah I am so excited for Jan 20th and Jan 21st:

Obama's Inaugural Ceremony: Jan 20th
LOST Season 5: Jan 21st

Yummy things!
Oh and yes over here, its a wonderful 9F (and feels like -9F)


XinaRox69 said...

whoa that's a bad one! hope it gets better....YAY Can't wait for LOST!!!

Lost in thought said...

That looks nasty !!
Have you tried climbing wall yet ?