Monday, July 26, 2010

Backity Back..

Oh wow, I really do ignore this place. I feel bad that over the last one year I have lost touch with myself. With work and facebook, who has time for blogs right? lol. I was reading this thing past few days ago, and I was so happy to see its and bits of my life recorded in here neatly, with pictures in some cases. I mean now, this one whole year (and more) that has passed away, I am going to have to close my eyes real tight and dig deep into my mind to recall memories, good and bad. Oh well.

Its been a year and two months since I started my job as a research assistant. It has been a wonderful experience so far, with warm supportive staff and super supervisors. I couldn't have asked for a better place to work at. Moving on to next update: health: I have gained a lot lot loottttt of weight since this past one year. I blame on the lack of activity and my horrendously slow thryoid. My blood work did show that my thyroid function was slow/less, compared to the normal average. I look at my old jeans and lets just say they stop before i even reach my thighs. Ugh. I must mention that I used to be 10 times more active when I was in Buffalo. I used to WALK to college, WALK to buy groceries, WALK to the laundry, etc. All that walking got cut down drastically. I mean as of now, I am taking guarana and green tea extract, I am getting a whole bout of energy in me upon taking these tabs but to no avail. I am not losing an inch. I stood on the weighing scale today, nothing. Gained more if anything. Its been two weeks since I cut down rice, carbs but to no results! I must thank god for my skin and hair behaving well though.

I have turned to almost 80% natural skin and hair products. Even to wash my hair, I have been using gram flour and limiting to shampoo once a week or only when theres like a special need for heat styling. Anywaaays, so thats all for now, a bit of boring update really.

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