Saturday, February 27, 2010

Too much salt

A few more days and I would have forgotten the address to my own blog! So how have you been world! I must say that now, I take back all those things I said about people not keeping their blogs up to date. If you are working and that too full time, these things start to get annoying (unless your work involves updating blogs and such). Okay, rambling apart, I have been good. Fat, but good. Will get to that in a bit. Work's been going well but I am still in holiday mood. Holiday from where you ask? Bangladesh. I was there for 3 weeks and what an enjoyable 3 weeks it was. I think, its us non-residential bangladeshis, who enjoy our homeland the most because we go there with no strings attached (as in to the humdrum of daily living there), we go shopping, go sight-seeing, picture-taking, belly-filling, etc. to our hearts content. So yes, Bangladesh was fun but now its back to work. I am a little backed up now since spring semester is in full swing but no worries, will get there soon. I have gained soooo much weight. Omg, today I met up with an old high-school friend for ice-cream (whadayaknow) and he goes like ' so you working too hard and not working-out at all'. I was soooo embarassed. I promised myself then (like every week) that from today, I will start my 'healthy' lifestyle routine. I even made a healthy chicken salad sandwich (using yogurt+apple cider vinegar as dressing for ma and me to take to work tomorrow. Healthy beginnings await. Okay, I will be back soon--night world

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