Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday time!

Sooooo, my bday came and went. I didn't do much.
It has been more of a non-event ever since I was 13! And that's fine by me...
However, yesterday, Hanifa bought me this beautiful earrings for me in a the most cutest scented gift box ever! Okay, this women is a darling. She works here and shes 64 but shes my buddy! I love her to bits already! So thats the picture of the earrings, I can't wait to wear them!
And that tea bag is from one of Lipton's new line of 'real' exotic teas. This one is called Morocco infusion and Hanifa gave it to me as well :)
Can you see the ginormous pieces in the tea bag? There's actual pieces of rosemary, chicory, cinnamon, mint and orange peel and other amazing stuff, I totally have to go and buy me a box of these tea bags! I totally underestimated them when I browsed the tea section at the grocery store. I thought 'meh, lipton and exotic herbal tea? nah' I was sooo wrong. Uhm, Okay enough blabber about tea. I love my tea.
Back to work now...

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-M.R.- said...

happy birthday nafisa! hope the day was wonderful! those earrings are gorgeous! hope you're doing well in Oman! :)