Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wanting to talk...

...or listen.

You know there are times...when you have a swarm of friends but no one to talk to really.
By that I don't by any means want to belittle my friends. I have some great friends and they are always there for me. But then those friends too have things happening in their lives and being the person that I am, I always put others before me. Not something that I am bragging about. It's actually a pretty lame thing to do sometimes.

Now, you probably know what kind of 'talk' I am referring to.
If you don't-
This is the 'talk' about 'my' life, 'my' day, 'my' happenings, 'my' everything.
Being able to share those without feeling that the person on the other end is getting more burdened by the minute as I am filling their ears with endless words about 'my' life.

I am not writing this post as a means to gain sympathy or in search of a soulmate. I am just writing this because although it doesn't really bother me exponentially and isn't life-altering bad, it's like that permanent itch that's always there.
I love listening to my friends though...truly.

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